Planning Permission and Building Regulations Assistance.

What Happens Next

The Inspectorate will reconsider your proposal according to how it relates to local and national planning policies. Like applications, all appeals are decided individually in line with your council’s development plan unless there is a good reason not to. The length of time the appeal will take will depend on the complexity of the case before the Inspectorate. You will not have to pay for the appeal, but you will be expected to pay your own costs.

What is in an appeal decision?

Once your appeal has been considered, you will receive a decision notice from the Inspectorate. The decision notice will briefly confirm the facts of your proposal, identify the relevant issues and explore the arguments for and against the proposal. It will then provide a decision on the appeal and explain why and how the inspector has reached their conclusion.

How will my appeal be considered?

The majority of appeals are handled based on written statements received from you, the council and any interested third party. The Inspectorate will also visit the site to gain a holistic view of your appeal. In some cases, you or the council may request a local public inquiry or an informal hearing into the appeal. Hearings are usually relaxed and are characterised by an open discussion led by the inspector once written submissions have been received. However, the Inspectorate can decline this request if it will be of no benefit to the process.

The building regulations approval process

Even after planning permission has been granted, you must still obtain building regulations approval when constructing or redeveloping. The following pages provide information on building regulations and what you may need to consider when constructing or redeveloping. These include rules for listed buildings, party walls, basement development and the management of construction sites and waste. There’s also an overview of the bodies overseeing electrical, gas and heating safety, plus information about building in conservation areas, what to do if you encounter bats and dealing with tree preservation orders.


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