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In days gone by, it was not unusual to be told that someone had fitted their own gas appliance or serviced their boiler. However, it is now unthinkable to have a gas appliance fitted without addressing the safety issue. Working on a gas appliance in ignorance means placing your family, your neighbours and your business at risk. A gas leak can cause an explosion and a poorly fitted appliance can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The issue of gas safety is not something that should be treated lightly. In May 1968 a gas explosion led to the partial collapse of a tower block in east London. Two years later, the Confederation for the Registration of Gas Installers was formed, initially as a voluntary organisation. Membership became a legal requirement for gas operatives and businesses throughout the UK in 1992. The scheme was reviewed by the Health & Safety Executive in 2016 and CORGI was replaced by the Gas Safe Register.

Today, membership of The Gas Safe Register is mandatory if a business or individual is to work on gas appliances within the UK.

The Gas Safe Register maintains a comprehensive website, which contains listings of legally qualified gas engineers, and this list also highlights the type of work the gas engineers are qualified to carry out including:

  • Domestic and Non-Domestic
  • LPG & Natural Gas
  • Areas of work such as boilers, fires etc.

When the gas engineer arrives at a property, you can always check the areas of work by referring to the rear of their Gas Safe ID card.

To ensure that gas safety is kept in the public eye The Gas Safe Register runs an annual Gas Safety Week, bringing together the gas industry, individuals and consumer organisations enabling them to have a positive impact with the public and media alike.

As in any business area, some companies and individuals fail to reach the required standard with the work they leave behind. In this instance, The Gas Safe Register welcomes calls about work that has been carried out and will investigate on the client’s behalf work carried out by a registered engineer. Additionally, if you suspect that the gas engineer carrying out work at your premises is not Gas Safe registered, they may make be working illegitimately. As with workmanship issues, The Gas Safe Register welcomes information on this type of individual or company.

Above all, The Gas Safe Register exists to provide help and guidance on all aspects of gas installations in all circumstances. If you are unsure, ask, as there are no silly questions when it comes to gas safety.


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