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Waste Management

The waste management industry is modern, fast moving and dynamic. Waste management legislation governing the proper disposal of waste, is designed to cover all eventualities, ranging from low risk waste through to hazardous waste.

On commercial and domestic construction projects it is prudent to make decisions at the earliest possible opportunity to address the waste issues your project will face.

The main items are likely to be:

  • How – Waste streams produced during building work will be managed in an opportune and compelling way.
  • Who – is in charge of gathering and transfer of waste produced on site.
  • Work areas – Clearing waste should be a priority. Make sure that everybody knows what is required of them and it is being done.
  • Skips – Waste materials require putting away securely before their expulsion from the site to ensure that you permit adequate space for skips and containers. Plan where the skips can be situated and how frequently they should be gathered.
  • Waste within buildings – Consider waste produced inside the building and whether you have given wheeled receptacles or chutes and so on to enable it to be brought out of the building securely.

For guidance on how waste disposal is regulated and how businesses need to comply, it is recommended to visit and to view directives on local authority websites.


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