Planning Permission and Building Regulations Assistance.

HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme) is the only specialist organisation approving biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels, and services. This also includes the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses. HETAS’ purpose is to ensure the safe and effective use of appliances and fuels giving confidence and instilling trust for both consumers and industry professionals. With backing from leading manufacturers and key organisations in the industry – including the British Flue and Chimney and Manufacturers’ Association, the Solid Fuel Association, Stove Industry Alliance and sweep associations (APICS, The Guild, and NACS) – HETAS provides the most up-to-date information and informed advice for registered installers, HETAS approved retailers, and sweeps.


HETAS offers comprehensive training programmes to equip industry professionals with the latest skills and knowledge allowing them to uphold industry standards and regulations. HETAS delivers courses tailored for stove retailers, installers and sweeps.

Dry Appliance Installer Course

HETAS offers the Dry Appliance Installer course (H003) over three to five days. This allows experienced professionals to join the competent person registration scheme for the installation of dry appliances and become a HETAS Registered Installer. Professionals who have chosen to expand their expertise and become a HETAS Registered Installer will gain access to free technical support by phone or email. HETAS is the only Competent Person Scheme specialising in solid fuels and biomass with dedicated staff offering technical support.

Chimney Systems Course

H003 is a prerequisite to the Chimney Systems Course (H006), a one-day training course for the installation of twin wall rigid system chimneys in residential properties. The course discusses system components and installation techniques in relation to the various elements of a domestic structure.


HETAS strives to promote and monitor continuous improvement in the safe installation and use of solid fuel appliances, systems, chimneys and flues and in their maintenance. As such, HETAS is keen to be advised of any non-compliant installation carried out whether by a non-registered HETAS or registered HETAS installer. HETAS can provide support and advice to consumers throughout the installation process.


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