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Wigan & Leigh Planning Handbook & Distributions

The Wigan & Leigh Planning Handbook is an independently produced handbook distributed to all planning applicants in the Wigan & Leigh area. This handbook explains the ins and outs of the planning application process covering all aspects of the planning application process, from submitting your application to either approval or denial. We hope that it will be a reliable source of information for you as you embark on your project.

Our handbook contains information about local companies which specialise in all relevant planning and building services. No matter whether you are looking for domestic, commercial or industrial service, you will be able to find all the required trades to complete your development in our handbook. You can also view the Wigan & Leigh Planning Handbook by clicking the publication cover on the right, where you can download forms and click links to interact with all the trades and services directly.

The planning regulations and permissions are ever-changing as government policy evolves. While all the advice we have given in the Planning Handbook is applicable nationally, councils often differ in how they process planning applications.

We hope you find the Wigan & Leigh Planning Handbook helpful for your planning, wishing you the very best of luck with your project!


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